Gastronomic days

Gastronomic days

  • Gastronomic days

    Sant Carles de la Ràpita has always been a city with big cuisine traditions, thanks to its privileged location. The gastronomy in this area, is intimately concerned with the ecosystem of “Delta de l’Ebre” and the natural conservation, and is because of this that there’s a big effort to make known on “Terres de l’Ebre” products.

    Gastronomic days are a clear example. For years, it has been different kind of products and typical cuisine.  

    Gastronomic activities calendar

    mantis shrimp and oyster gastronomic days. Februrary

    Cryfish gastronomic days. April

    “Ruta del Tast” from 27th to 30 June and from 4th to 7th July

    Octopus and rice gastronomic days. September

    Shrimp gastronomic days. December


    “Ruta del tast”

    Description: the “Ruta del tast” is not exactly a gastronomic day, but is intimately together with that. This route has a period of two weekends, where all people can enjoy de selected gastronomy. In that case, the user will go to different bars to taste and know about this entire town. In addition, during these days, we hope to convey all our values, traditions and singularity as a territory.


    Mantis shrimp and oyster gastronomic day

    Is a celebration where we would take a tribute to the mantis shrimp, called also “poor shrimp”. Mantis shrimp is an unknown shellfish but, with an excellent quality, similar to shrimp, that look less attractive and less low price.

    Because of this that, thanks to our renowned chefs, where there will be different kind of recipes of mantis shrimp. It gives more value to a longer and full mantis shrimp. It could be prepared fried, grilled, with soup or as a companion to rice and vegetables.

    There’s also different kind of agro alimentary products of “Terres de l’Ebre” that joins us actively in this celebration to promotion our famous rice, cooked with mantis shrimp, oils, etc… and don’t forget our wines D.O. of “Terra Alta”.


    Shrimp gastronomic day

    Shrimp gastronomic day is the most awaited for the public. We think that today we can say that we talk about consolidation of this gastronomic day, that each year arouses the curiosity of the media, taking more approximation of the people who lives here, other surrounding and other communities.

    In this edition, the gastronomes offer us a creative and easy cuisine, that we awaken the senses.  The “Terra Alta” wine cooperative, we will accompany with the D.O. wines.

    Our objective is to promote the consummation of the products of our land, and for this reason, the oil and rice are present in this event. In all this, it has to join the natural value of the products and our landscape. This is the reason because our chefs want to keep alive the tradition of shrimp gastronomic day, spreading in the country and in our visitors, a rich cuisine full of flavors.

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