The Montsià  Mountains

  • The Montsià Mountains

    The Montsià Mountains, part of the Plan for Areas of Natural Interest in Catalonia, are a magnificent lookout point over the Ebro Delta and the interior plains of the county. There are many attractive hiking routes to take.

    The Montsià Mountains rise up parallel to the coast near the Ebro Delta and make a magnificent lookout point over the Mediterranean and the inland plains. Their highest point is the peak of La Torreta, although one of the most charismatic spots is La Roca Foradada (the Perforated Rock) that, at more than 500 metres above sea level, opens up like a window onto Sant Carles de la Ràpita and Els Alfacs Bay. The most frequently used route to reach it is the Mata-rodona track that begins next to the Sant Carles de la Ràpita football field and takes you through bushes and low holm-oaks over a limestone terrain of great beauty carpeted with brush —kermes oak, palmetto, rosemary and broom— that outlines the sinuous forms of the mountain. Thanks to its ecological interest, the Montsià Mountains have been included in the Catalan Plan for Areas of Natural Interest. In recent years various trails have been laid out and signposted for hiking and mountain biking.


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