Museums and interpretation centers

Museums and interpretation centers

  • Maritime Museum 

    The City Hall of Sant Carles de la Ràpita is the promoter of the interpretation center and the Maritime Museum.The main goal is to revalorize, valorize and show the maritime identity and the local history.

    The four main subjects are: the geology of the continental platform, the marine coastal ecosystems, the maritime and fishing activity in the Ebre’s sea and the city history.

    This museum will be in the building Les Casotes.It was built in the XIX century by the Royal Company for Canalization and Irrigation of the Ebre and it hasn’t had any modification.Accessibility is very good by the roads to Amposta and to the Ebre’s Delta.At the same time, the walking access from the city center goes through the maritime avenue, the port area and the future avenue of the navigation channel.

    It’s part of a bigger complex environment that includes other patrimonial elements which are also important:maritime channel, quay and docks, locks, guard’s cabins, etc…

    The architectonic characteristics allow a good adequacy to any of the planned functions.Because of the symbolism and the situation of the building is perfect for the thematic proposition, and it can keep the balance between the historical character and the potential adaptation to the new functions.

    This equipment will control and coordinate the management and diffusion programs of the local patrimony with municipally interesting buildings and equipments such as: l’Esglèsia Nova, Sebastià Joan Arbo’s house, the Guardiola Tour, the Ràpita lighthouse, etc…



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