The Ebro Delta

  • The Ebro Delta Natural Park


    The Ebro Delta Natural Park is one of the most important wetland areas in the Mediterranean basin. Boat trips, cycling tours and birdwatching lookout points are just some of the ways you can get to know these unique landscapes at first hand.

    The mouth of the River Ebro is one of the most important wetland areas on the Mediterranean coast. Its wealth of flora and fauna makes it exceptional and unique. It is calculated that the Ebro Delta is inhabited by between 50,000 and 100,000 birds of 300 different species, among which the flamingo and Audouin's gull stand out. The damp climate favours the presence of insects, and the various degrees of salinity in the waters mean that there are many fish species, including eels, red mullet and umbrine. The Ebro Delta, which has been formed from silt brought down by the river, has kilometres of almost deserted beaches coexisting with lagoons and rice fields in a changing landscape that varies with each season. A boat trip, the cycling itineraries or the strategically located birdwatching hides allow you to see close at hand the landscapes of the southern Catalan coast.


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