New Church


    It’s an outstanding and singular building.It hasn’t been finished and we can identify it, in view of the time it was build, with the big buildings for official functions.
    The plan and the facades remember us to the Italian Renaissance churches.
    It’s oriented to the east and to the west. This orientation is conditioned by the reference of the big Alfacs Port.The west wall is the only one without any opening.There is a secondary entrance on the south side.
    The plan is a perfect square; the central dome isn’t build and is on a double height.The tribunes are composed by balconies that control the central circle and the perimetral corridors forming the general square of the plan and connecting the different spaces.
    The building plant keeps the architectonic models of the period and it keeps the baroque style from the period before.The ionic columns show a Miguel Angelo style.
    The architecture is cold, correct and discreet.
    We don’t have information about the architect or the project but we know that Juan de Villanueva, a very famous neoclassic master, took part in the management of the Navigation Canal works.
    The building was isolated and outside the village but nowadays it’s in the urban complex, next to the road, face to the sea and at the beginning of a green and large avenue going to the maritime avenue and the beaches.
    Since the 16th June 1787 the works on the building continued as the Church for the New City of San Carlos. It remembers to a model of gravestone that the army was building.
    Nowadays, the Esglèsia Nova is the perfect place to develop any cultural activity. 


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