The Fish Market and the Fishing Port


    The fishing port of Sant Carles de la Ràpita is one of the most important ports in Catalonia because of its fishing volume and its large fishing fleet. Some fishers share one day of fishing in the sea with visitors, where the culture and fishers seagoing traditions are the protagonists. It shows the importance that it had in Catalan society and, particularly, in the coast villages.
    The fish market is situated in the fishing port and it was built in 1919 by the fishers of “Verge del Carme” Association. Nowadays, is a modern building located in the fishing port where you can see the fishing ships and fishermen arrival, and where the auction takes place.
    Years ago the auction was realized in the old-fashioned way: the people were around the fish and the prices where sang and stopped by the buyers’ voice. In 2003 the auction process and expedition was modernized, including a new electronic fish market. This system has two transporting bands with digital projections which get the fish sold easier. Actually, it provides the highest quality and speed, between 25 and 30 tones fish per day.  The association has 60 dragging shipsand 48 minor fishing ships in 2 charging moles.
    THE VISITIS: The visitors can see the fishing auction in the first floor following the fish transport bands. The fishing ships arrival is after 15:30 hours from Monday to Friday, except in May and June, because during these months the fishers stop fishing.


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